Second/Summer Flush
Second/Summer Flush

Second/Summer Flush



  • Assam Mangalam Gold Summer Black

    Notes of Maple syrup & cocoa brighten up this Assam cup.

    17.6o | 500g | 200cup
    $124.95 $ 62 50% Off
  • Classic Earl Grey Citrus Black (Teabags)

    A timeless blend recognized by its captivating citrus fragra

    100 Bag | 100 cups
    $55.96 $ 27.96 50% Off
  • Assam Coombergram Summer Black

    A malty Assam cup with notes of dates & maple syrup

    17.6o | 500g | 200cups
    $34.95 $ 19.22 45% Off
  • Darjeeling Oaks Summer Chinary Black

    A vibrant Darjeeling cup with fresh nutty-woody accents

    17.6o | 500g | 200cup
    $84.95 $ 50.97 40% Off
  • Darjeeling Goomtee Summer Chinary Black

    A Darjeeling cup with marked notes of plum & woody accents.

    17.6o | 500g | 200cup
    $109.95 $ 65 40% Off
  • Darjeeling Giddapahar Summer Chinary Black

    A nutty-woody, stone-fruity classic from Darjeeling.

    17.6o | 500g | 200cups
    $79.95 $ 47.97 40% Off
  • Darjeeling Goomtee Summer Muscatel Black

    A Darjeeling cup with delectable fruity flavors.

    17.6o | 500g | 200cup
    $144.95 $ 86.97 40% Off
  • Darjeeling Giddapahar Summer Muscatel Black

    A nutty, stone-fruity delight from Darjeeling!

    17.6o | 500g | 200cup
    $89.95 $ 53.97 40% Off
  • Darjeeling Jungpana Summer Muscatel Black

    A tart-fruity cup with notes of dried drupes & hazelnut

    17.6o | 500g | 200cup
    $184.95 $ 129 30% Off
  • Sikkim Temi Summer Chinary Black

    A Sikkim cup with notes of stone fruits & nectarines

    17.6o | 500g | 200cup
    $114.95 $ 74.72 34% Off
  • Darjeeling Castleton Moonlight Summer White

    A floral-fruity elusive cup from Darjeeling

    8.81o | 250g | 100cup
    $184.95 $ 129 30% Off
  • Darjeeling Summer Muscatel Black

    A Darjeeling cup with notes of Muscat grapes & nectarines.

    17.6o | 500g | 200cup
    $99.95 $ 69.97 29% Off

Second/Summer Flush

The summer or second flush is the second tea harvest of the year. It takes place during June‐ July. The standout feature of teas from this season is that they are more mature, thanks to the sun and air that the plants receive. Flavors are smoother than the first flush, and the liquor is full bodied with fruity flavors.

The Assamese tea is sowed at lower elevations while the Darjeeling tea cultivation takes place at least 2,000‐ 6,000 feet above sea level. The chills from the hills and rich mountainous soil offer a tea that is an undisputable classic. The Darjeeling summer teas have undertones of raspberry and with hints of spices. But summer black teas from Assam are the prized pick of the season, known for their dark liquor and malty, honeyed flavors.

Most second flush teas offer a fine, rich well‐rounded flavors with balanced astringency and subtle floral notes.

No mention of the second flush can be made without talking about the limited edition muscatelteas from Darjeeling. These teas are made from chinary leaves and pack in a lot of flavor, not unlike the Muscat grapes, after which they are named. Most of Darjeeling’s prime estates like Castleton and Jungpana produce small quantities of this variety, and are a worthy addition to a tea drinker’s collection.