First/Spring Flush
First/Spring Flush

First/Spring Flush



  • Darjeeling Oaks Spring Chinary Black

    A Darjeeling cup with fruity & light green flavors.

    35.2o | 1k | 400cups
    $219.99 $ 54.99 75% Off
  • Darjeeling Castleton Spring Chinary Black

    A fruity-nutty cup, fresh from Darjeeling

    35.2o | 1k | 400cups
    $179.99 $ 53.99 70% Off
  • Darjeeling Exotic Moonlight White

    Immensely fruity with floral shores, fresh from Darjeeling.

    17.63o | 500g | 200cup
    $299.99 $ 104 65% Off
  • Darjeeling Margaret's Hope Spring Chinary Black

    A Darjeeling cup with luscious fruity flavors

    35.2o | 1k | 400cups
    $169.90 $ 67.95 60% Off
  • Darjeeling Spring Chinary Black

    A Darjeeling cup with fruity-floral flavors.

    17.6o | 500g | 250cup
    $99.95 $ 49.98 49% Off
  • Darjeeling Thurbo Spring Chinary Black

    A fresh vegetal & fruity cup from Darjeeling.

    17.6o | 500g | 200cup
    $79.99 $ 40 49% Off
  • Darjeeling Samabeong Spring Black

    A floral-fruity spring delight from Darjeeling.

    8.8o | 250g | 100cups
    $99.95 $ 49.98 49% Off
  • Darjeeling Spring Clonal Black

    A smooth Darjeeling cup with luscious fruity attributes.

    17.6o | 500g | 200cup
    $159.95 $ 79 50% Off
  • Darjeeling Jungpana Spring Black

    A Darjeeling cup with fresh fruity vegetal flavors.

    17.6o | 500g | 200cup
    $104.95 $ 52 50% Off
  • Darjeeling Special Spring White

    White tea blend of floral-fruity aromas & a silken texture.

    8.81o | 250g | 100cup
    $104.95 $ 62.97 40% Off
  • Darjeeling Margaret's Hope Spring Flowery Black

    A Darjeeling cup with notes of white orchids & hyacinths.

    8.81o | 250g | 80cup
    $199.95 $ 119.97 40% Off
  • Darjeeling Goomtee Spring Chinary Black

    Notes of sweet-greens brighten up this Darjeeling cup.

    17.6o | 500g | 200cup
    $114.95 $ 80.47 29% Off

First/Spring Flush

In India, the first flush teas are plucked between March and April following the first light showers of late February. Since this period coincides with the spring season, these pluckings are also referred to as spring teas or Easter teas. More information about first flushes here.

Spring teas are produced in just about every tea growing region of India, including Darjeeling, Assam, Kangra, Nepal and the Nilgiris. But it's Darjeeling’s first flush teas that really reigns supreme. Here, in the cold mountain air, tea plants grow slowly until the start of spring, which concentrates the flavors in the leaves turning them crisp and immensely fragrant.

Indulge In The Season’s Finest

Spring brings with it the aroma of budding flowers, a welcome cool breeze, and the whisper of delicate tea leaves. Because the tea is harvested after a frost-filled winter, the leaves are in their tenderest form.

When brewed, these light emerald leaves offer a brighter and pleasant liquor with a distinctive floral aroma. When you take a sip of a spring tea, you enjoy an array of sophisticated flavors that range from a light freshness to a brisk astringency.

Feel A Burst Of Energy

First flush teas are delicate in flavor and retain the crispness of the mountain air of the Himalayas. There is a wide choice of green, white, and black Darjeeling teas. You can choose from our extensive collection of 2022 first flush teas that includes prized moonlight white teas from estates like Castleton and Margaret’s Hope, classic black teas from estates like Jungpana and Goomtee, and the much sought after clonals.