Darjeeling White Tea

Darjeeling White Tea



  • Darjeeling Castleton Moonlight Summer White

    A Darjeeling cup with soft floral notes & fruity accents.

    10.5o | 300g | 120cup
    $197.99 $ 138.59 30% Off
  • Darjeeling Margaret's Hope Moonlight Spring White

    A Darjeeling cup with luscious notes of lilies & hyacinth.

    10.5o | 300g | 120cup
    $299.99 $ 209.99 30% Off
  • Darjeeling Exotic Moonlight White

    Notes of lilies & fuchsia bloom in this Darjeeling cup.

    10.5o | 300g | 120cup
    $179.99 $ 125.99 30% Off
  • Darjeeling Special Spring Silver Needle White

    Aromas of wood & toasted cereal in this silver-tipped blend.

    10.5o | 300g | 120cup
    $119.99 $ 83.99 30% Off
  • Darjeeling Silver Needle White (Teabags)

    The rarest of white teas, delicate, floral and incredibly ve

    25 Bag | 25 cups
    $26.99 $ 24.29 10% Off


Origin of Organic Darjeeling White Tea 

Often described as the least processed type of tea, Darjeeling white teas have a pale yellow or a light translucent color, with a slightly sweet flavor and no 'grassy' undertones. The first white tea plant varieties were discovered in the Fujian province of China in the 1700s. Darjeeling is known to produce some of the elusive and immensely aromatic white teas in the world.


Loose Leaf Darjeeling White Tea Leaves

Loose Leaf Darjeeling White Teas are minimally processed after they have been withered or fired, and then dried and packed. For the perfect cup of Darjeeling White Tea, take three tablespoons of White Tea leaves and brew them for 4 minutes in 180 ml hot filtered water. Loose Leaf Darjeeling White Tea Leaves can be steeped multiple times. Teabox offers Darjeeling White teas from the estates of Castleton, Namring, and Margaret’s Hope in Darjeeling.


Darjeeling White Tea Bags

Darjeeling White Tea Bags can be steeped multiple times. However, they should ideally be steeped only twice for 4-5 mins in 180 ml hot filtered water. Teabox offers some of the rarest white teas such as the Darjeeling White Bags and Silver Needle Tea Bags which are floral and incredibly velvety. 


Benefits of Premium Darjeeling White Tea

Premium Darjeeling White Tea consists of notable properties in healing and fighting diseases which may help combat skin aging and may help in losing weight. Premium Darjeeling White Tea may also help in reducing the risk of heart ailments.


Where to Buy the Best 2021 Darjeeling White Tea Online

Teabox has carefully curated a wide range of premium white teas, for Tea-connoisseurs to buy Darjeeling White Tea online in 2021, a perfect cup to indulge.