Darjeeling First Flush Tea
Darjeeling First Flush Tea

Darjeeling First Flush Tea



  • Darjeeling Exotic Moonlight White

    Immensely fruity with floral shores, fresh from Darjeeling.

    17.63o | 500g | 200cup
    $299.99 $ 104 65% Off
  • Darjeeling Special Spring White

    White tea blend of floral-fruity aromas & a silken texture.

    8.81o | 250g | 100cup
    $104.95 $ 62.97 40% Off
  • Darjeeling Thurbo Spring Chinary Black

    A fresh vegetal & fruity cup from Darjeeling.

    17.6o | 500g | 200cup
    $79.99 $ 40 49% Off
  • Darjeeling Margaret's Hope Spring Flowery Black

    A Darjeeling cup with notes of white orchids & hyacinths.

    8.81o | 250g | 80cup
    $199.95 $ 119.97 40% Off
  • Darjeeling Spring Clonal Black

    A smooth Darjeeling cup with luscious fruity attributes.

    17.6o | 500g | 200cup
    $159.95 $ 79 50% Off
  • Darjeeling Upper Namring Spring Clonal Black

    A Darjeeling cup with notes of white lilies and geranium.

    8.8o | 250g | 100cups
    $164.99 $ 140 15% Off
  • Darjeeling Samabeong Spring Black

    A floral-fruity spring delight from Darjeeling.

    8.8o | 250g | 100cups
    $99.95 $ 49.98 49% Off
  • Darjeeling Singbulli Spring Flowery Oolong

    A Darjeeling cup with notes of lilies & fruity flavors.

    8.81o | 250g | 100cup
    $134.99 $ 107 20% Off
  • Darjeeling Spring Chinary Black

    A Darjeeling cup with fruity-floral flavors.

    17.6o | 500g | 250cup
    $99.95 $ 49.98 49% Off
  • Darjeeling White Tea (Teabags)

    White tea blend with a floral aroma & a silky texture.

    100 Bag | 100 cups
    $99.96 $ 49.98 50% Off
  • Darjeeling Jungpana Spring Black

    A Darjeeling cup with fresh fruity vegetal flavors.

    17.6o | 500g | 200cup
    $104.95 $ 52 50% Off
  • Darjeeling Castleton Spring Chinary Black

    A fruity-nutty cup, fresh from Darjeeling

    35.2o | 1k | 400cups
    $179.99 $ 53.99 70% Off


Located at the foothills of the Himalayas, Darjeeling gives India its first flush of the year. Due to the challenging geography and severe weather conditions, the tea bushes in this region are dormant for many months, and the spring flush marks the beginning of the harvest season. The picking of tea leaves of the plant begins in the month of February, often lasting till April. The yield from the First Flush is lower than other flushes, that makes the First Flush Darjeeling Teas rare and sought after. 

What is the specialty of first flush teas?

The teas produced in the first flush have a delicate yet rich flavor and are highly aromatic that makes the First Flush Darjeeling Teas exclusive and one of a kind. To retain the tenderness and astringent flavor of these early leaves, First Flush Darjeeling teas are comparatively less oxidized. Moonlight Teas are a speciality of the First Flush, and as the folklore has it, they are only picked on full moon nights before the break of dawn.  These teas have subtle and delicate floral-woody intonations.

Where to buy the best 2022 Darjeeling First Flush Tea?

Teabox offers a wide choice of premium Darjeeling First Flush Teas such as the Margaret’s Hope Moonlight Spring White Tea, Singbulli Exotic Spring Flowery Oolong Tea, and Goomtee Special Black Tea among many others to indulge in an array of fruity flavors.