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Assam Tea Estates

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  • Assam Mangalam Gold Summer Black

    Notes of Maple syrup & cocoa brighten up this Assam cup.

    10.58o | 300g | 120cup
    $74.97 $ 52.46 30% Off
  • Assam Halmari Summer Black

    An assam cup with notes of yellow raisins & floral accents.

    10.5o | 300g | 120cup
    $56.97 $ 39.86 30% Off
  • Assam Banaspaty Summer Black

    An Assam cup with notes of malts & hints of yellow raisins.

    17.6o | 500g | 200cup
    $54.95 $ 38.46 30% Off
  • Assam Harmutty Summer Black

    An Assam cup with notes of dried drupes & yellow raisins.

    17.6o | 500g | 200cup
    $54.95 $ 38.46 30% Off
  • Assam Khobong Summer Raspberry Black

    An Assam cup with notes of raspberry jam & dried drupes.

    17.6o | 500g | 200cup
    $54.95 $ 38.46 30% Off
  • Classic Assam Black (Teabags)

    A delightful Assam cup with notes of malts & stone-fruits.

    100 Bag | 100cup
    $47.96 $ 33.56 30% Off
  • Assam Doomni Gold Summer Black

    Notes of malts & yellow raisins bloom in this Assam cup.

    10.5o | 300g | 120cup
    $44.97 $ 31.46 30% Off
  • Classic Assam Black

    A delightful Assam cup with notes of malts & stone-fruits.

    17.6o | 500g | 200cup
    $44.95 $ 31.46 30% Off
  • Assam Dikom Summer Black

    An Assam cup with delish notes of malty & floral undertones.

    17.6o | 500g | 200cup
    $44.95 $ 31.46 30% Off
  • Assam Singlijan Summer Black

    A malty Assam cup with notes of dates & yellow raisins.

    10.5o | 300g | 120cup
    $35.97 $ 25.16 30% Off
  • Assam Coombergram Summer Black

    A malty Assam cup with delectable notes of dates & nuts.

    17.6o | 500g | 200cup
    $34.95 $ 24.46 30% Off
  • Assam Namsang Summer Black

    A rich Assam cup with notes of dates, cocoa & hint of wood.

    17.6o | 500g | 200cup
    $34.95 $ 24.46 30% Off

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Organic Assam Tea

Tea was first discovered in Assam by a Scottish adventurer named Robert Bruce in 1823. He noticed tea-like plants growing wild near Rangpur. On noticing the plant, Bruce approached Bessa Gam the local chief of the Singpho tribe men who showed Bruce how they used the leaves of that very plant to brew tea. Robert convinced the chief to give him a few leaves of the plant with the seed for examination, however, Robert passed away a few years later, before the plant could be classified.

Robert's brother, Charles sent the leaves to a botanical garden in Calcutta in the early 1830s. The plant was examined and then classified as a variety of tea and named Camellia sinensis var, Assamic. Thus began the cultivation and production of the Assam tea. 

The Strong Black: Assam tea taste

The strong flavour and brisk profile of the Assam tea are what makes it a favourite among tea connoisseurs who prefer their tea strong. The Assam tea plantation is the largest single tea plantation in the world and the core source of the British tea. The malty flavour present in the Assam tea is because most of the tea gardens in Assam are at sea level.

The strong flavours of the Assam tea make it the ideal breakfast tea. Famous teas like the English Breakfast and the Irish Breakfast black teas have their source in Assam.

The region of Assam lies on the banks of the massive Brahmaputra River. The regions’ hot humid conditions which have a greenhouse effect make it the perfect environment for the Chinary and Assamica tea plant.

Tea grades produced in Assam

Assam has 2 harvest seasons a year; the first flush that starts in March and goes up until late May and the second flush in June when the famous "tippy" tea is produced. The Tippy tea is a more superior variety of tea as it has a fuller body and a sweeter flavour.

Assam tea estates have the right conditions to produce both varieties of teas; the orthodox tea and the Assam CTC (Crush, Tear, Curl) tea variety. In addition to this, Assam is also known for producing the Assam green tea and oolong tea. Tea suppliers in Assam have tea grades that include the whole leaf, broken leaf, fannings, and dust tea grades.

You can buy the famous Assam black tea or the Assam tea bags online. No matter how you choose to have the Assam tea, if you love your tea strong, you’ll love this variety of tea.

When it comes to Assam tea grades, there are 4 grades of Assam tea based on the closeness of the leaf to the bud. The first grade is the Flowery Orange Pekoe, which is made from the small leaf next to the bud, next we have the Orange Pekoe, which is the second leaf next to the bud, then comes the Pekoe; the third leaf next to the bud and the last grade is the Souchong, which is the fourth leaf, near the bud.

Health Benefits of Assam Tea

Apart from being a great tasting beverage, organic Assam teas are packed with an amazing flavour and several antioxidants, which offer various health benefits. A few of those benefits include:

Boosting immunity

Improving digestion

Managing weight

Improving Cardiovascular health

If you ask a tea lover, they’ll tell you that organic Assam tea is more than just a black tea named after a region. Its unique flavour and richness will leave you feeling refreshed throughout the day. And maybe this is the reason why Assam teas are famous around the globe.

From the classic summer green tea to the special summer black tea, Assam teas are worth tasting. And you can easily buy Assam tea online. The wide availability of Assam tea online makes it easy for any tea lover to buy and relish this refreshing beverage. 

The word Assam means one without equal and this holds true when it comes to the taste and flavour of Indian Assam teas. You’d have to try it to believe it.

Does Assam Tea Contain Caffeine?

All teas contain some amount of caffeine and so do Assam teas. Being a strong black tea it tends to have a higher caffeine level than other types of tea like green tea or white tea. However, the caffeine content in a cup of Assam tea is still lower than the amount present in a cup of coffee. 1 cup of Assam tea will contain about 50-90 milligrams of caffeine per cup. However the longer you brew the tea the higher the caffeine content

Although a strong black breakfast tea, Assam teas also taste great with milk and spices because of its flavor. Most Assam teas have a rich, bold taste and are great when you want to make the Indian Masala Chai. You can easily buy the different grades and types of Assam teas online. When you choose to buy Assam tea online you'll be exposed to so many different flavours of the tea, you'll be tempted to try them all.

With its many health benefits, Assam teas have not only become popular in India but all over the world too. If you haven't already tried this tea, this would be a great reason for you to include the Assam tea in your diet. You can have it as a strong black tea or you can even mix Assam tea with milk and spices and enjoy it like Chai, either way, you're sure to love the goodness of the healthy Indian Assam tea in every sip