Tea Blends
Tea Blends

Tea Blends



  • Mint Jamun Tisane

    A blast of flavors to beat the summer heat

    8.8o | 250 g | 60cups
    $74.95 $ 37.48 49% Off
  • Vanilla Grape Tisane

    A refreshing tisane with the taste of summer fruits & vanill

    8.8o | 250g | 85cups
    $69.95 $ 34.98 49% Off
  • Kokum Hibiscus Tisane

    A popular coolant tisane perfect to sip on warm summer days

    8.8o | 250g | 100cups
    $69.95 $ 34.98 49% Off
  • Lavender Earl Grey

    Blend of black tea, cornflower, bergamot oil & lavender.

    17.6o | 500g | 200cups
    $74.95 $ 44.97 40% Off
  • Hibiscus Lemongrass Tisane

    With a dash of honey, it's the perfect garden party tea.

    17.6o | 500g | 200cups
    $74.95 $ 37.48 49% Off
  • Butterfly Blue Pea Flowers (Blue Amore)

    Mesmerizing color changing tisane that helps you relax.

    5.25o | 150g | 300cups
    $74.95 $ 37.48 49% Off
  • Mountain Rose Black

    A floral blend of black tea, cornflower, cardamom & rose.

    17.6o | 500g | 200cups
    $109.95 $ 54.98 49% Off
  • Mountain Rose Black (Teabags)

    A fragrant blend of jasmine-infused winter flush black tea w

    100Bag | 100cups
    $67.96 $ 33.98 50% Off
  • Champer's Holiday

    Pure white tea blended with natural flavors of wine & apple.

    3.5o | 100g | 40cups
    $ 34.99
  • Kashmiri Kahwa Saffron (Kesar) Green

    A blend of smoked green tea, almonds, saffron & spices

    100Bag | 100 cups
    $59.96 $ 29.98 50% Off
  • Kashmiri Kahwa Saffron (Kesar) Green

    A blend of smoked green tea, almonds, saffron & spices

    17.6o | 500g | 250cups
    $74.95 $ 37.48 49% Off
  • Pure Chamomile

    Pure herbal tisane for bedtime.

    8.81o | 250g | 250cups
    $39.95 $ 35.96 9% Off
Tea blends call for both art and science, the coming together of flavors and combinations that surprise and please. Breakthrough tea combinations are almost always a result of hours of labour and careful refining and the best custom tea blends must produce teas with pronounced personalities. And there’s always the surprise element when the teas themselves mix to produce something unexpected. Maybe in texture or flavour, brought on by the topography of the estate or the vagaries of the season. Maybe a casual consumer will not always perceive these changes but a seasoned tea drinker will likely appreciate the roller‐coaster ride in every last sip.
Tea itself is easily influenced by the flavours and aromas it encounters and that’s partly why there are so very many blends out on market today. Not only can you blend different varieties of tea, but you can also pack the tea with herbs and spices that add immeasurably to the flavour of the final brew. Of course, it takes some time and patience to run down the clock and let the transfer of aromas happen but the end result can be truly remarkable.
With blending tea, what you add is critical ‐ whether or not the tea is oxidized, where it’s from, the season of harvest. And then, the addition of spices, herbs, dried fruits, and flowers can lead to several possible combinations. Do look for blends that use natural products in place of artificial flavorings.